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A plethora of options - all of them gorgeous - are found in this unique style in our signature featherweight knit. The halter portion hugs the torso lightly -  transitioning into a scarf that wraps or drapes around the shoulders and neck in myriad ways. 

The halter scarf is shipped with our featherweight single layer tank as an underpinning. This tank does double duty under any and everything.

Included in each order is Taylorson's mesh washing bag.


So easy……turn your tee inside out and place it in the complimentary mesh washing bag that is included with your order.

Wash in the delicate cycle of your machine - that’s cold wash and rinse. Remove from the washing machine (don’t roll it up in a towel!) and then either hang to dry (padded lingerie hangers are nice for this) or dry flat on a towel. 

You can always opt to dry clean if you prefer -  but at least one wash is nice - the fabric relaxes ever so slightly. These tees also have some length built to accomodate the minimal shrinkage that occurs with the first wash.

Hand washing is not recommended - the last thing you want to do to a knit is create friction by rubbing the surface....

Happy wash and wear!


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