the perfect tee reinvented...

"Because I love delicate knits and knew I could make them better - the one knit every woman should have in her closet"

Elizabeth Raftopoulos - Founder

It starts with the most amazing fabric...

Sheer Genius

"Our proprietary knitted fabric is translucent and delicate - yet strong - with a luminous sheen"

Style it YOUR way.

"Because sometimes you're in the mood for a curve embracing drape and sometimes you're feeling more relaxed.

A simple twist of the side seams does the trick."

Wash and Wear

"Dry Cleaning (my definition): Cash up front and then a series of installments for the life of the garment."

"Ditch the dry cleaners - our butterfly soft tops are machine washable and ship with our mesh wash bag... and white is just better washed."

Wear it forever...

"Who wants to splurge on a delicate knit that doesn't hold up to everyday wear? Pilling is the worst - those tiny balls of fuzz that spring up on a knit and take it from fabulous to ragged in a few wears."

"Creating a pill resistant knit that is both delicate and resilient became my passion. Taylorson tops are wardrobe building blocks you'll never want to replace - and you won't have to. Our proprietary featherweight knit is pill resistant and just gets softer over time."

Spend Smartly

"We've streamlined the process between the factory and your closet."

"Our unique tops are sold exclusively here - bypassing all those middle layers of commerce and their mark-ups. So you pay the true cost - a fraction of what you would at retail."

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